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What’s ‘in’ as far as weddings go for 2012

Weddings on the whole are timeless. It is possibly the one event in your life in which you won’t have to succumb to fashion or trends in any major sense, as it is really up to you, and we live in the time of ‘anything goes’.

But it is always interesting to take note of what the fashion gurus and wedding fundis have to say about major trends that may or may not influence the ideas you have for your wedding.

What you’ll wear

2012 is the year we all succumb to romance – read frills, lace, soft fancies and a move towards the vintage, Victorian style particularly when it comes to wedding dresses, with soft layers, full skirts, high collars, ruffles and softness. But the mini puts in an appearance, although heavily influenced by the romance.

The main reason for the exit stage left of the backless, halter neck and strapless dresses of past years is one particular royal wedding, and possibly the current recession.

Colour, colour, colour

Fun with colour will dominate. Bold colour palettes and themes, shades of grey and stripes, cherry red and lime, hot pink, chocolate browns and soft pinks and, of course, black. Having said that, other fundis claim that neutrals such as beige and pale blue will make a comeback heavily influenced by organic hues in soft aquas, light tangerines, greens and dove greys.


Enter the dessert table – a table that serves pies, cheeses, candy, and often home-made desserts a plenty peppered, of course, with the popular cupcake, all mixed together in an artful display of colour and goodies. The wedding cake has been  tempered (all those desserts remember), whilst the groom cake has made a most definite appearance.


Flowers are going faux (except the bridal bouquet which will be big, full blooms to accompany the classic gowns) and forget wedding favours, now it’s the personalised wedding gifts from the bride and groom to their guests. There is also a whiff of personalised décor where couples come over all crafty using different ideas for centrepieces, photo booths, guest books, table numbers and more.

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