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Plan Your Own Wedding Reception – The Basics

How to Plan Your Own Wedding ~ Not all of us are going to hire wedding planners. Some of us don’t want them, others of us can’t afford them and don’t want the fuss. At the start, faced with a RECEPTION to plan, things can feel more than a little daunting.

But as long as you have a little black book (a spreadsheet version on your iPad will do it) divided into sections, then following each step as it comes should not be more difficult than this …

Plan Your Own Wedding …


The type of wedding you decide upon (black tie, formal, semiformal or informal) will dictate your venue. If you’re going for an afternoon very informal look, then a pretty garden will easily accommodate your look, whilst a black tie event will necessitate an upmarket restaurant or two-in-one venue.


When you are Plan Your Own Wedding you need to decide on hiring a disc jockey, a brass band, or a string quartet. Your success is going to hinge on whether you want dancing, background music or jazz. You’re not going to please everyone, so go with something that fits your personality best.


You can never ask enough questions when it comes to choosing your caterer, so do research on the Internet and ask friends what they wish they had asked their caterer, or for recommendations.


Buffets and food trucks are great for more informal receptions, whilst gourmet spreads, four-course dinners and a stream of waiters typify more formal dos. Remember to serve some type of snack or your guests might starve whilst your photographs are being taken. Also make a decision about an open or cash bar around now too.


Placing people where they will feel comfortable takes a lot of thought, and you might have to juggle a bit after everyone RSVPs. Place cards are optional; a seating chart with a floor plan is almost requisite.


If you’re having children at your wedding, catering for them rather than expecting parents to manage them is a good idea. When you Plan Your Own Wedding remember to organize on hand sitters or entertainers will help occupy them. If you do not want children you need to state as much in your invitation. If there is a no-children rule, it needs to apply to everyone.

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