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Wedding Hairdos – The Lowdown On Styles And What They Say About You

Hair and how to wear it. This is possibly the most taxing part of one’s wedding ‘outfit’.

How many times have you not gone to a wedding and ended up muttering something like ‘what has she done to her hair?’ sotto voce whilst pretending to root around on the floor for the programme you dropped inadvertently-on-purpose so that you could pass judgement out of hearing?

Hair is the make-or-break feature, the cherry on the top, the icing on the cake of your wedding look. Get it wrong, and it is seriously wrong. Get it right and people talk about how gorgeous you looked for years to come.

A few tips:

  • Stick with a tried and tested hairdresser; changing to a friend’s hairdresser because her hair always looks good doesn’t mean it will work for you
  • Wear a version of a style with which you’re already comfortable
  • Don’t have your hair coloured days before the wedding


DOWN – perfect for beach-style weddings; says you’re a relaxed and care-free bride
PART UP DO – non-fussy, simple but effective; says you’re not trying too hard
BRAID – great with lace, adds texture; says you’re a romantic at heart
PONYTAIL – sleek, classy look; perfect for hair that falls prettily from the crown
MESSY UPDO – lovely for unfussy looks; says you’re a daydreamer

BUN – high bun gives a timeless look; chignon in the nape of the neck screams elegance
PIN CURLS – very versatile, says you’re boho chic, feminine or a ’40s screen goddess
TWIST – the French twist is a classic, formal hairstyle; conservative yet pretty

BUMP BACK SWEEP – teased hair infront; held in place with a narrow headband on the front of the head is delicate and fashionable
BOBBY PINNED PONIES – secure upturned pony tails with bobby pins in the nape of the neck; says you’re bohemian and arty
BOB – gorgeous if you have the cheek bones; says you’re graceful

BOUFFANT – making a re-entry, a puffed up-do says you’re retro or vintage

Choosing the wedding dress seems to take just about all of one’s effort, finding the right shoes and jewellery comes in a close second, whilst hair limps in way behind across the finishing line, sometimes barely making it on the big day.

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