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How To Get Him To Propose To You

If leap-year’s significance is irrelevant to you, and having him pop the question is all important, then just how do you get him to propose without making it patently obvious, or leaving copious numbers of Bride magazine lying around the house is a burning question.

I would be lying to you if I said that there are devious-less ways of doing this. If you haven’t the courage to ask him yourself, getting him to ask you is, by definition, a rather underhanded affair. But hey, women around the world have stories of how they managed it, so why shouldn’t you?

We’ve arranged these suggestions in order of blatency:

  • Casually bring up the idea in conversation – you can do this by mentioning someone else’s wedding plans. You might want to introduce a mildly sceptical tone on your part, which will invite him to defend the institution of marriage (or not)
  • Drop hints, copiously – these include making eyes at diamond rings in display windows at malls, leaving magazine pages open at wedding articles, gawping at his friend’s fiancé’s ring etc. – whilst you might think you’re being obvious, some men just don’t ‘get it’ unless you are being blatent
  • Get his views on marriage – explore the idea of his being ‘ready’ – often this concept has no time limit and includes being completely financially stable, not something you’re content to sit around and wait for
  • Get the neighbourhood ‘witch’ to make you up a magic charm or potion to drop in his drink (everyone knows someone good with herbs)
  • Threaten to leave, if he doesn’t marry you (this is now bordering on railroading him, and you need to be prepared that he might just call your bluff)
  • Send yourself flowers from an imaginary admirer in a bid to make your man jealous (if you’re having to resort to these sorts of antics, we humbly suggest reflecting on your relationship)

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