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Big Mistakes Couples Make Before Getting Married

Planning a wedding is awesome. It is a magical time for many couples and you should indulge in every moment of it. But let’s get serious for a second, because beyond all the butterflies and the bridal gown and the whimsy is something very important: a marriage.

Here are some of the mistakes couples make before getting married:

They plan a wedding but not a marriage …

It is wise to never forget that after the wedding you will be married. A wedding is merely a formality. It is a celebration of what you already know in your heart: you are committed to each other and you are committed forever.

They use a weDding to fix a failing relationship…

Getting married is not going to fix your problems. Ever.

They get married out of peer pressure …

If you ask someone to marry you or say “yes” to a proposal for any reason other than I want to be married to this person then you might be in trouble. Yes, some of us feel pressure to be like everyone else. Some of us have family members and friends constantly asking “so when are you guys going to get married?” That doesn’t mean you should cave to the pressures. It really is all about you and absolutely nobody else.

They fail to consolidate their finances…

Money is unromantic, but it still needs to be dealt with. Discuss financial matter before the wedding so that you know what you are walking in to. The first year of marriage is hard enough without any unfair surprises. Finance causes pressure. Pressure causes problems. Deal with the problem before it is allowed to manifest.

They do not discuss each other’s goals …

Being single is easier than being married. Sure, it might be a bit lonelier and you have less sex, but from a personal goals point of view, being single is easier. That is why it is so important to properly discuss personal goals with each other. This way you can encourage each other, you both know what to expect and resentments do not start to fester.

They do not ask questions …

You can’t use the Men Are Impossible or the Women Are So Confusing excuse forever. You are married now. If you need something: ask. If you are confused: ask. If you think there is a problem and you don’t know how to fix it: ask. Asking leads to discussion. Discussion is communication. Communication is the foundation of marriage.

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