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Cutesy Ideas for a More Memorable Wedding

Every bride-to-be sets out to plan her wedding with thoughts of making it extra special, but often insecurity creeps in and you end up settling for something that looks like it was cut from a template, here’s how you can have a memorable wedding. Don’t let little gremlins whisper to you about how that’s not what happens at weddings. Why? Because you, dear girl, live in the fabulous 21st century, and today anything goes. Now, you don’t have to get caught up in anything flashy to “stand out”. All you need to do is allow for the idea that it really is okay to do things a little differently and to cater to the unique combination that is you and your fiancé.

Here are some ideas for making things a little extra special.

Let the bride give a toast

We’re always hearing from the grooms and the dads and the best men, but that doesn’t mean that the bride isn’t allowed to say something. You can go through a long list of thank yous if you like, or you can simply give a bit of a tribute to your husband.

Honour Your Parents at the Reception

Make a bit of a fuss about playing your folks’ special song for them to dance to at the reception. Honour their relationship and what they have taught you about relationships. The bride can say something about her parents and the groom can say something about his.

Let Everything Have Meaning

Don’t let what the guests will think influence anything. If the two of you met over a shot of caramel vodka, then it really is fine to give out shot glasses as a wedding favour. It doesn’t matter if no one gets it. You can always explain it in a toast if you want. Everything from the flowers in your bouquet to your choice of confetti can be chosen for sentimental reasons. It makes all of it just that much more special.

Learn to Dance

There are few things more fun to watch at a wedding than a couple who knows what they’re doing on the dance floor. Six months’ worth of dance lessons will have you feeling like you are a pro and it is an investment that will keep on giving back to you long after the wedding is over.

A Personal Thank You

Instead of generic wedding favours why give a hand-written note to each guest. This will work particularly well if you are having a small wedding as the guests there will all be people of great significance to either one or both of you. Everyone loves to be told how much they are appreciated.

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