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Keep Calm and Marry On

Keep calm and marry on –  Planning a wedding can be stressful. There’s just no getting around that particular fact, especially if you are fussy about every little detail. Just about everything has the potential to go wrong. Family members will butt in where their opinions aren’t welcome. Friends might push you into something you’re not happy with. Your dress could end up being a disaster one week before the wedding. The list of things-that-could-go-wrong is endless. Unfortunately there is not much you can do to control the uncontrollable. You can, however, play an active part in how you deal with it.

Here are some tips on how to keep your wits about you when all you want to do is fall in a heap:

1. One thing at a time

The wedding as a whole might look like an abyss of never-ending drama, but if you can take your eyes off of the whole for a second and start focusing on one thing at a time you will soon notice that your calm has returned. Make a list. Tick things off. Slow and steady wins the race.

2. Don’t forget your diet

No. Not the crash diet where you starve yourself until you feel like you want to faint and then eat a block of cheese. That is madness! Observing a well-balanced diet will go a long way to keeping you sane and keeping you healthy. Stress can take a real toll on the body, and if you have it in your head that you need to lose 20 kilos before the wedding then please stop. Your body can’t fight for its health when all you are feeding it is water and laxatives.

3. Exercise

It may feel like you don’t have time to think let alone go for a jog but it is important to keep your muscles and blood flow active if you want to avoid the harsh side effects of stress. Take your frustrations out on the treadmill rather than on a person.

4. Always be kind to yourself

If you’re feeling like a headless chicken then perhaps it is time to stop for a moment and have some “you” time. Indulge in those things that you love. A hot bubble bath. A cup of tea. A walk in the park. Those simple acts of kindness that you aim at yourself go a long way to reviving your sanity and your creativity and they help to solve all those stubborn problems that you never seem to be able to work out when you tackle them head on.

5. Remember it’s supposed to be fun

Planning your wedding is a glorious thing. Enjoy it. If stress is in the way, then walk away until it has subsided.

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