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Elle’s Bridal Diary: No Stress For The Wedding Dress

I’m no girly girl and shopping sprees do not excite me. The only shoes I collect are used either for trail running or dancing. Hence my expectation that shopping for a wedding dress would be the toughest part of preparing for our big day. I knew I would have to buy one rather than create as my knowledge of all things trendy and fashionable is at a minimum. To add to this, I have earned the nickname, Pixie, with my diminutive stature and knew this too could prove the hunt for the perfect bridal attire a difficult one. Alas, not all is doom and gloom, this excursion presented to me an opportunity to include my mother in an essential element of the big day. I explained to my bridesmaids that this was something I wanted to share only with my mother, as her only daughter and what an experience it was:

Make an appointment

I know not all bridal boutiques and stores have a policy regarding scheduling appointments but I would suggest making one anyway as this gives you, and them, an opportunity to prepare and on the day provide undivided attention.

Be you

If you are fortunate to have a consultant assist you through the process, be honest about who you are, your style, what you enjoy and please, tell them what you don’t enjoy. You will only have one opportunity to wear the perfect dress, there is nothing wrong with wanting something that is true to the person who will be wearing it.

Brace yourself

This might be giving away me and my lack of knowledge but I have never seen an ugly wedding dress. Can you imagine walking into a room filled with gorgeous creations, various styles, beading, lace, tulle (I only recently learnt what that is) and being told to pick just one? Prepare yourself to be tempted by every item you touch and remind yourself of my second point – being true to you.

Take your time, or don’t

And this is where having my mother with me was the key. See, my consultant for the day had picked out 4 dresses that she thought suited my body, personality, wedding style and budget. After trying them all I discarded 2 and was left with 2. I knew which one I would pick, but I needed confirmation from the woman who knows me best. I tried the two on again, with each one I closed my eyes and visualized my wedding day, my mom must’ve done the same because while wearing my favourite she simply covered her mouth with her hands and all I saw were her eyes sparkling with joy. That was it. We found our winner!

I don’t know what you may have in mind for your selection process but I do hope you will consider my experience and I do hope that you will to find something that makes you feel beautiful and loved as all brides should.

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