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Lucky Dates For Marrying – Does It Really Make A Difference?

A couple in Penang, Malaysia have been advised by their Hindu priest to marry on 12-12-12. Why? It’s an auspicious date for their religion. Since there isn’t going to be a 13-13-13, there could be a bit of a wedding rush on in that part of the world.

The Chinese believe that a good wedding date cannot be next to either the groom or bride’s zodiac signs. The lucky date for their wedding is best calculated by combining the four Pillars of both groom and bride (not entirely sure what the four pillars are).

This past weekend, in Delhi, there were minor traffic jams because the three-day period – Saturday to Monday – was considered an auspicious one on which to marry. So favourable that 10 000 weddings took place.

Why? Jupiter and the moon were in the appropriate houses, and couples who marry during this period will stay together for the next seven births. The couple will also apparently be blessed with a child within a year of marriage.

Numerology advocates that you work out your Life Path number (the sum of your birthdates) and add yours to your partner’s Life Path number. This will give you your marriage number. So, if your number is a 2 and his is a 7, add them together to get 9 and any date you choose to marry should break down to a 9 (so 1st of Feb 2013 is a good date for you – 1+2+2+1+3=9).

Friends of mine changed their daughters’ names when they were still young, because they felt that the original numbers were hindering their children’s progress in life. Other people consult their tarot cards or astrological advisor before choosing a date for events such as caesareans, travel, moving house or celebrations.

Is it important to marry on a day that the planets, or numbers, say is lucky? Will it really affect one’s marriage?

Like all things in life whether or not a particular date is going to affect your marriage will depend on how much you believe that it will.

If your investment in a particular belief is high, then breaking with this belief will possibly cause you enough discomfort to affect the outcome of your marriage. In the same vein, following them will release you from any anxiety that external uncontrollable forces could adversely affect your wedding.

But does this guarantee your happiness? Well, that’s up to you isn’t it?

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