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Cute Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

A lot can be said about the little things when it comes to making your wedding stand out amongst all the other nuptial celebrations. There is no doubt that the little things are the most fun to plan, but they are sometimes also the easiest to forget about, so  when you  think of a cool idea make sure to haul out your wedding notebook and write it down. You don’t want to get to the end of all the fuss and think “Oh gosh I wish I’d remembered to do that.

Here are some cute wedding ideas to think about.

Hashtag Your Wedding

Ask your wedding guests to please tag any photographs on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a specific hashtag. That way you can easily find all your guests’ pics from your special day and add them to your collection of memories and anyone who is gleefully stalking your wedding from afar will get to indulge in all the gorgeous pics too.

Guys: Record the proposal

A great idea is to have your proposal secretly recorded and then surprise your new wife by playing the recording at the wedding reception. A guaranteed “Awwwww” moment for all.

Let Your Grannies Be Flower Girls

If you’re blessed enough to still have healthy grandparents then why not mix things up completely and have your grannies scatter the flower petals down the aisle before you do your grand entrance. Your grans will love it and everyone will love you for it.

Envelope Station

Have an envelope station and ask all your guests to write their name and address on an envelope. That way you will be able to easily thank everyone who came to the wedding without having to waste time trolling for mailing addresses.

Provide Board Games

Not everyone loves dancing or hanging out at the bar. Why not provide a bunch of quirky board games for your quieter guests to play during the celebrations? That way you are guaranteed that everyone will have fun.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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