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The 5 Myths of Wedding Photography

Photography is overpriced

There is a lot of discussion around this, particularly when the budget is already squeezed and paying someone to do what your brother-in-law could do, does seem a little, well, like throwing money around. But is it? Think about how you’d feel if the pictures botched? At the end of the day, you pay for what you get. Photographers spend a lot of hours on their feet and even more afterwards in post-production. Shop around and compare portfolios and fees. More importantly, get word of mouth recommendations.

If they have a great website, it means they’re great photographers

Don’t be fooled by a creative website that has you drooling because its beautifully artistic. Look at the photographs. Essentially, the website is there to market those pictures that will best sell the photographer. And you need to be discerning. These days most professional photographers will have good websites, but don’t assume that because a website functions better than another that it makes the photographer better.

Cousin James is a pretty good photographer, and you’ve got excellent Photshop skills, so between you…

You might pull it off. We’re not saying you won’t. Sometimes one’s cousin or friend really does have what it takes. But is it worth the risk, or your friendship?

Everything is digital today and thus much easier

That is true in some ways. Our cameras seem to take great pics with little input from us. And because the duds are so easy to delete, we forget that to reach the great shot, we probably took no fewer than ten takes. And then there’s all the gimmicky stuff – the lenses (and if you think they don’t add to the quality of the pictures, think again) and knowing what works in what light and the fact that digital cameras go out of date so quickly and need constant replacing etc. etc.

The photographer needs a shot list

Whilst a shot list is a good idea to have to hand, just to make sure that you haven’t missed any of your relatives out, using it as the only guide to taking photographs on your wedding day could mean you lose out on any spontaneity from both your photographer and yourself

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