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How to Ruin Your Wedding

How to ruin your wedding and the how to guide on making sure this doesn’t happen. When it comes to your wedding there is no doubt that you want your day to be remembered as a special one. You want to be seen as the gracious princess surrounded by love and happiness. Cheesy? Most definitely. But I’m pretty sure that as you daydream about the day you get married you are not envisioning drama and gremlins. Unfortunately drama and gremlins live snuggly in the creases of society and sometimes you have to actively make sure that they don’t sneak in and ruin everything.

Here are some sure-fire ways to turn a dream-worthy wedding into a cringe-worthy one:

Take your wedding stress out on your fiancé

I hate to state the obvious but it’s his wedding too. It’s a happy time for him too. Don’t spoil it by yelling at him because the off-white daisies that you ordered are not white enough. It really isn’t his fault.

Get drunk the night before

Why why why would you do that? Just don’t.

Get off with the best man

Soap operas and low budget television might have you believing that this sort of last-time fling is a great idea. It isn’t. Really.

Get into a fight

Fighting with your mom, your bridesmaids, the photographer or the make / hair lady is a dumb idea. These folks are there to help you. They are most likely doing their best. Hold back on the Biting Bridezilla act and say thank you instead.

Alienate your mother-in-law

So the woman has been driving you crazy for months and it was only a matter of time before it all came to a head, right? Wrong. Bite your tongue and get into it with her some other time if you must. Do not ruin this day for your husband just because you have been itching to give his mom a piece of your mind.

Forget to re-try the dress

Just because your dress fit during the fitting you had three months ago doesn’t mean that it is still going to fit on your wedding day. Small fluctuations in your weight could possibly make all the difference and you don’t want to discover just how big a difference on the day of your wedding.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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