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All About A Christmas Wedding

Before you shoot this article down in a mountain of cheese … give it some thought. I first stumbled across the idea of a Christmas wedding on a episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Log fires, green ivy, candles and red bows and baubles, it was beautiful, festive and as celebratory as you can get. Of course, as it is the middle of our summer, log fires are a little out-of-the-question, but here are a few points to consider, should you see yourself as a Yuletide Bride:


Most people are already willing to travel around the festive period for family and annual holidays. It makes for great timing then if you have many friends or family who live out of town.

As most venues will already be decked out in their festive glory, you may save money on decorating costs.

Your anniversary will forever be in the most joyful time of the year and whether you choose to spend it as a couple or with family or friends in coming years, it will always have extra significance.

There are often great holiday specials this time of year which could mean more options for a honeymoon, or a longer time away.


As it is the peak of our summer (and wedding season) expect to pay more for … everything. Accommodation for guests, flowers, venues, food and staff – you will be paying peak rates, which could be double what you could expect to pay out of season.

Should you wish to be married by a minister or priest, keep in mind the religious holidays and obligations to church around this time of year, especially the closer you get to Christmas. It may be difficult to find someone who is available to marry you.

Your wedding plans and arrangements may come second to everyone else’s holiday and Christmas arrangements – you will need to be able to ‘pull rank’ if needed!

For not-too-close family and friends, it may mean making them choose between attending your wedding and spending it with their own family, which means not all your guest list will be able to attend.

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