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Mocktail Hour At Your Wedding

Mocktail Hour ~ One of the more fun aspects of a wedding is the cocktail hour – especially if you’ve got yourself a nice signature cocktail named after the happy couple doing the rounds. Not everyone is necessarily keen on the tipsying effects of a good mojito though, and with the growing popularity of the “dry wedding” (especially when it comes to morning and afternoon weddings) the mocktail has become a firm catering favourite.

The best thing about mocktails is that they not only look beautiful, but they also cost significantly less to pull off than their alcoholic counterparts.

If you’re going to be organizing the Mocktail Hour yourself, then here are a few ideas for Mocktail Hour to consider:

Present it in a pretty glass

Anything in a pretty glass can pass for special. Even a plain coloured mocktail can be transformed by a funky glass, and when you line them all up on a table or the bar they really do look lovely.

Sugar coat the rim of the glass

Those pretty little sugar coated glasses are relatively easy to achieve on your own – and by “on your own” I mean “show your brother/sister/friend/cousin how to do it and then get them to help on the day”.

Place either egg white (it sounds gross but I promise it’s fine) or a colourless syrup in a saucer. Place sugar or jelly powder (if you would like a more colourful option) in another saucer. Lightly touch the rim of the glass to the syrup or egg white and then lightly touch the sugar or jelly powder.

Viola! Pretty sugar coated mocktail glass!

Consider flavoured waters

A great alternative to mocktails (and cocktails) is to place giant pitchers of flavoured water on the tables. This is a relatively cost effective way of keeping your guests hydrated and there are countless different ways to put them together. A large jug of filtered/purified/spring water with lots of ice and just a few ingredients can make for quite a refreshing drink.

Try adding these:

• Citrus blend: Slices of lemons and limes (and oranges if you want – very colourful!)
• Mint & Melon: Slices of spanspek and sprigs of mint
• Lemon & Lavender:  Lemon slices and a handful of fresh lavender
• Strawberry & Cucumber: Mashed up strawberries and slices of cucumber

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