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All About Wedding Makeup

Good skincare is the base of any beautiful face – but of course, a little make-up never hurts. It’s unlikely you’ll ever be photographed as much as you are on your wedding day – so it’s easy to go a little overboard with wedding makeup – and look at your wedding photographs like you’re a bad music video extra from the ‘80’s.

Of course, you also don’t want to look deathly pale and as though you’ve just come out of hospital. So how do you strike the happy balance? Here are a few tips that could help:

Be yourself – but better

If you’ve never been one for red lipstick or blue eyeliner now may not be the best time to start experimenting. You want to look like you on your wedding day, only a better version. Imagine getting to your husband at the end of the aisle and him not recognizing you through all the eyeliner, contouring and false eyelashes. He loves you. He knows who he’s marrying. No need for nasty surprises at the end of the aisle.

Take photographs and light into account

Some light and most photographs do tend to make you a little ‘washed out’. Your makeup artist will more than likely be a professional, so trust their judgment (mostly!) – they may put on more make up that you feel comfortable with as they know how it will translate in photographs. Don’t panic. It’s also worth investigating makeup artists who have some background in TV or film as they’ll be even better at judging.

You will be wearing a wedding dress

Obvious? Yes. Important? Yes. When my makeup artist did my makeup, I immediately thought it was too much, too dark and too dramatic. I was wearing a summer dress with a cardigan and my hair was undone. When I put on my wedding dress, it was absolutely perfect. It’s an important aspect to remember – what may look a little silly and overdone for ‘normal life’ could be simply perfect with your wedding dress.

All About Wedding Makeup

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