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The wedding moments you don’t want to miss

We’ve already helped you put together a list of all the photographs you might want to include on your wedding day – both the should haves and the more creative ones. But we haven’t looked at which photo moments you really don’t want to miss.

These are the kind of photos that, if you had to choose but a few, would be the ones you would choose:

Family moments before the ceremony
We’re not talking the bride preparing her make-up here, but rather that little intimacy between the bride and her mother, or the groom and his father, or either one with family. They’re hard to capture, but when done effortlessly, rather than posed, are priceless.

The bride
On her own, captured before leaving for the ceremony, usually in the privacy of her home. These are portraits. And usually, because of the anticipation of the event to follow, quite beautiful.

The groom as he waits
If taken at the right moment, this photo can really portray the poignancy of the emotion of the event for the groom. This is he at his most vulnerable.

The kiss
This need not even be the kiss exchanged during the ceremony, as it is sometimes difficult for an unobtrusive photographer to capture, but there are various poses in which to frame the kiss. The operative adjective here is ‘passionate’.

The group or wedding party
The less formal, the better. This is the bridal couple, their bridesmaids, groomsmen, perhaps the couples’ parents and the officiant. But even better, is if you can capture everyone – guests and bridal party – in a photo to remember – the type every guest will frame or place on their fridge door.

Special friends
A wedding is sometimes where you see friends you have not managed to connect with in years. Or your closest friends are aware of your right of passage from single gal to married. Try to capture these.

Cake cutting
If you’re having a cake, this is such a traditional pose – one that your mother and grandmother had before you – that it would be a pity to miss.

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