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Don’t Be A Bratty Bride

We love to jest about Bridezilla and most of us are lucky enough to avoid deserving this particular label, but it is pretty likely that a kaleidoscope of emotions ranging from pure bliss to crippling stress might play havoc on your generally placid personality.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Be nice to your mom

This should really be considered a good rule for life in general, but do try extra hard to keep it in mind during the planning stages of your wedding. Your mom is possibly the one person who “gets it” the most. Yes your BFF kind of gets it and your husband-to-be is at the very least trying to figure out why the perfect shade of pink is important for the napkins, but your mom? You mom wants your day to be your kind of perfect. She cares 100% what you think. She will weigh in now and then, but she is the least likely to be offended when you don’t like her ideas. She will be there to listen to your gripes and complaints as well as your unbridled (giggle) excitement as plans progress.

Keep the wedding talk to a minimum

Of course you are going to want to rave and gush about every last detail of your wedding planning, but be wary of driving people a little nuts. By all means, if someone asks, gush away, but don’t be the bride that uses every second thing someone says as a segue into talking about the wedding. If you’re not sure what I mean, do a search on Youtube for Howard from Big Bang Theory talking about his trip to space.

Don’t neglect your fiancé

We all make the mistake of thinking that weddings are “a girl thing” but don’t forget that your fiancé is getting married too. He might not be so good at helping with the planning stuff, but he does care. He cares about you and he cares about the things that you care about. Keep in mind that through all the stress of the last couple of days leading up to the wedding it is easy to forget about your fiancé completely, leaving him feeling left out and neglected. It simply isn’t fair.

Be nice to your friends

While your bridal party is there to support you on your day don’t forget that they are also just people and that their lives are going on as well. Also it is far too easy to get snippy with these people who are literally running around doing your bidding. Don’t do that. Ruining a friendship over the need to let off steam due to wedding stress is not worth it.

Don’t keep up with the Jones’

There is absolutely no rule that says your wedding needs to be bigger and better than so-and-so’s wedding. You don’t HAVE to have everything you lay your eyes on. You don’t have to act on every crazy and expensive idea. Your wedding is your wedding. It is not about showing off or one-upmanship. It is simply about you marrying the person of your dreams.

Always remember that the people around you have feelings and can be hurt by the silly things that you snap at them, even if it is done without any real malice. You might forget about it within seconds, but your reputation as a crazy bride could live on forever!

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