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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Of Maids and Men

Almost immediately after the Bear slipped this beautiful ring on my finger and we did our dance of joy I was filled with elation at the thought of choosing the ladies who would stand by my side the day I say, “I do.” As it turned out they were all part of the sly plan and had helped keep the secret for weeks, even so, they were thrilled and shared in my joy and excitement which in my heart confirmed that they were the right people to bear witness to my dream day.

There are certain pressures and even expectations that come with choosing a maid of honour and choosing bridesmaids. While this may be a dilemma to some, my choices were simple. I thought I would tell you a bit about my selection to bring light onto this all important detail.

Maid of Honour: Lauren

My neice has also become my best friend and confidante. Someone I share childhood memories with, tales of embarrassment and achievement. She knows the Elle from the days before the Bear and she has seen the joy that has erupted since. She is also the first person to encourage us during dips, pray for us and with us and has, with or without the title of honour, promised to stand alongside us throughout our adventures together long after our wedding day. This to me is what a maid of honour should look like.

Bridesmaid: Samantha

My future sister-in-law possesses many of the qualities I love and see in her brother. She is kind, not afraid to laugh, she will walk the extra mile and more for those she loves and while she may be soft spoken, this girl takes no nonsense! She is also very glamorous and brings a sparkle to my rustic, boyish style. Having her as part of our bridal party is also a great opportunity to fast track our journey towards becoming sisters.

Bridesmaid: Tamarin

My good friend Tam has allowed me to believe in the statement that a friendship isn’t measured in how long you’ve known someone but rather how much trust and understanding you share. We met mentoring a group of grade 4 girls at our church who are now grade 6 and have endured great joys and frustrations. Something that has brought us even closer is our love for love. She shares my belief in loving without condition, that real romance does exist and it is more than ok to blush and giggle at every given opportunity.

My Bear made similar decisions when choosing his groomsmen. He asked the men who have been part of his life journey and also played a part in our story, in the good times and not-so-good.

I would love to hear your views on how you selected your bridal party or if you have some advice for other brides to be especially ones who have a large friendship circle or are having to deal with pressure from family members. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Photograph courtesy of Elle Hughes-Blignaudt © Photo was taken at a dinner I prepared for the ladies when I asked them to be my “maids”

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