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A Teatime Wedding

A Teatime Wedding ~ Typically when one thinks of weddings, A Night Time Affair with dinner and dancing comes to mind. Most of the weddings we go to start around three and end up going on well into the night. But what if dancing the night away is not your idea of fun? What if short, sweet, and to the point is more your style?

Then perhaps you should consider A Teatime Wedding. Why? Well, let me give you a few of those pros:

Teatime food can be a lot more fun to plan

You can get your creative cap on and dive right in to the wonderful world of fancy treats that go along with tea. Here you can go wild with colourful cupcakes and macaroons and cookies (you could even have a cupcake decorating bar where guests ice and decorate their own cupcakes – it’s always good to give guests something to do!)

You can have a delightful selection of mini-quiches, cheese & cracker platters and all sorts of wonderful finger snacks. Finger-snack food is often far more fail-proof than generically made-in-bulk “real” meals which can often be bland and unremarkable.

It’s cheaper

Three course meals for a night time wedding can easily cost you R200 per person (if not more!) whereas a tea time meal would cost you far less (and be more fun to eat, I promise!) Again you can get creative. If you are worried about costs, shop around a bit.

There are many small-time bakers and caterers who would be happy to help out without adding on that pesky “wedding tax” that seems to be added on by so many companies.

You don’t have to have a bar

A mid-morning / early-afternoon wedding means that you don’t have to have a bar. A few already-poured glasses of champagne (champagne and orange juice in the morning or champagne with strawberries in the afternoon) would be just fine, or you can skip the alcohol altogether and just have juice, tea and coffee instead. Beer doesn’t really go with cupcakes anyway!

You have more time for your photos

A Teatime Wedding isn’t going to last as long as A Night Time Wedding which means that you have more time to play with. While the bride and groom traditionally leave their guests alone while they go off to take pictures, with a Teatime Wedding it is easy to consider the possibility of gathering with your guests first and then doing your big photo shoot afterwards. This way you won’t spend your “photo time” worrying about getting back to your guests.

And the best part? A Tea Time Wedding is a little less exhausting than a wedding that goes on into the late hours of the night, and being less tired on yo wedding night definitely can’t be a bad thing!

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