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10 Great Make-up Tips for Your Wedding

Getting a perfect make-up look for the big day is as important as the dress itself. We’ve selected the top make-up tips from make-up artists around the globe to help you.

  • Stray as little as possible from your usual look – whilst it’s a lovely idea to where a lot of lipstick, when you don’t usually, brides tend to feel uncomfortable when going for a whole new look, so don’t experiment with smokey eyes for the first time on your wedding day
  • That said, you also don’t have to be afraid to apply more than you usually do. If you usually do big eyes and minimalist lipstick, do more of the same, only with a little more drama
  • Use a primer – nothing is going to hold your make-up look (other than powder, which is another great tip) quite like a primer, beneath your foundation
  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone – don’t assume that because you’re having an evening wedding that you need a foundation with deeper colour. Stick to a shade that already works for you, now isn’t the time to experiment
  • Give the sunbed a skip, rather use tanning powder to define your cheekbones and to give you a sunkissed look; there is nothing worse than over-tanned skin in a white dress
  • Concentrate on the area under your eyes and fake it if you have to; chill tea bags in the fridge and leave them on your eyes before applying make-up, or use an eye product that has caffeine in it, although stick to gel products rather than heavy creams to get rid of shadows
  • Bring on the falsies – false eyelashes can look incredible, and you can use flares (individual bunches of 6-8 lashes) rather than strip lashes, which allows you to control the dramatic effect
  • Avoid SPF – SPF factor creams and foundations may bleach you out in photographs because of zinc oxide, so go easy on these
  • Control breakouts – last minute pimples can be controled by using witch hazel, benzyl peroxide or even toothpaste overnight. Apply an ice cube the following morning, followed by a crushed aspirin and water water paste to reduce any swelling. Use a green concealer, or one lighter than your skin, and press with powder
  • Long lasting lip colour – use your toothbrush on your lips, dry, apply lip balm, apply lipstick, place a tissue over your lips and apply powder with a powder brush

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