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What’s Going On Underneath?

There is little magazine space devoted to realistic underwear. Despite nubile wenches, who never look anything like you or me, draped over chairs and beds in various bits and bobs that qualify as ‘underwear’ there is rarely a good, sound, down-to-earth article about underwear that best broadcasts a bride’s assets but hides her flaws.

The essentials of underwear are many. It is not as simple as ‘wear something sexy’ for ‘sexy’ is seldom comfortable. And comfortable is not necessarily flattering. How to find something that is easy on the skin, looks good, and accentuates all the bits you want?

The bottom line in undies – they need to:

  • Be invisible under your dress
  • Lie somewhere between sexy and matronly
  • Hold you in where it counts
  • Hold you up where it counts

Underwear garments you only hear about in books written in the ’50s that are still very much in use today:

The corset – also known as shapewear, slimmers or control slips, these have come a looooong way from the original whalebone variety. Today they’re made from lycra or spandex and the ‘bones’ are plastic. They are tight-fitting and sculpt your shape, especially the waist. If you want to reinvent your shape, then a corset is the way to go. They include cups (so you’re both flattened and raised) and fit from the chest to the hips. Some come with shoulder straps.

Not to be confused with a girdle, which slims the butt, stomach and thigh area only.

A basque is very similar to a corset, but less figure-forming (it comes without the ‘bones’ and is usually made from a thinner fabric). This makes it a lot more comfortable. It also has cups and gives good shape under clothing. Basques reach the hips and can come with suspenders and shoulder straps.

A bustier is shorter than a basque, usually sitting above the hips. They also give you body shape, but not as good as a corset, and come with cups, and with or without suspenders.

Panties – there are any number of briefs, thongs, boyshort or bikini models to choose from, but stay away from material that creeps, and try to find seamless if you can.

Finally, there is nothing more seductive than – the stocking. They’re cooler than pantyhose, are relatively inexpensive, and look incredible with suspenders.

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