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3 Movies To Get You In The Mood For Your Bridesmaid Duties

So your best friend has just asked you to be the Maid of Honour at her wedding and you’re feeling a little bit “What now?” about it. Never fear. Hollywood has entertainment solutions for all walks of life and preparing you for your bridesmaid duties is no exception. Ok, perhaps “preparing you for your bridesmaid duties” is not quite accurate. Perhaps we should call it “putting your duties into perspective”.  Why? Because even if your best friend gives new meaning to the term Bridezilla you can always take a little comfort from the fact that it could be worse. Grab your bride and invite her around for a night of wedding movie fun. You could both learn a thing or two!


You may think me insane but I find this movie eerily true to life. Yes, it is awkward and completely over-exaggerated, but I think the human dynamic between the characters is very “real”. What is great about this movie (apart from the insanity and the laughs) is that it takes a good look at what it is like to be a bridesmaid when you are flat broke. Life-long friendships can be put through fire when it comes to brides and their bridesmaids. The best way to deal with this is to just be honest with each other. If you’re unsure of what your bride needs from you, ask. And if you aren’t coping with what is expected of you then it is best that you speak up. Don’t let any unnecessary resentment ruin your relationship.

27 Dresses

This movie is a subtle reminder that sometimes the bride can expect too much from the bridesmaid. Being a loyal bridesmaid is stressful and it can take a lot out of a girl. This should never be taken for granted.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

You can learn a lot from this movie if you find yourself thrown into a situation where the wedding party seems to be bigger than the average wedding. Traditional family weddings where everyone seems to have an invitation and even the dogs are welcome can be incredibly overwhelming.  If your bride finds herself in this kind of situation she might need you for far more than you expect. If you’re good at being kind, patient and level-headed, you might need to take on the duty of keeping the bride and groom as calm as possible. These extra-large affairs can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved.

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