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The Importance of Your Honeymoon

I understand not everyone can afford to take a ‘holiday’ after the wedding – for this article, I’m not referring to two weeks spent on a tropical beach or a ski trip to the Alps – but simply time alone, together, away from work.

I still consider myself a newly-wed, at just over three months married, but I’ve already started to appreciate the time we spent on honeymoon. The newly-wed glow is still there, but reality has also started to pop up its head – weeks where every night is occupied before Monday has even begun, where washing hair, vacuuming and grocery shopping compete for the time that has been set aside for romantic dinners and a movie for two.

It’s made me realise how special a honeymoon actually is – after you’re married, it’s unlikely you’ll have the chance to spend a week or two away from work very soon, without having to worry about daily ‘chores’.

Most of our honeymoon was spent in a little cottage in the forest, where we had a chance to read our favourite books, just sit and enjoy the view, warm our toes around the fire and nap to our hearts’ content. Yes, it’s also the time where you wake up each morning and try to use the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ as much as possible, where the beautiful reality is still sinking in – but it’s also learning how to be around each other.

Yes, it’s wonderful if you fit in some sight-seeing or go on that trip you’ve been dreaming of – but the main focus any honeymoon should be learning how to ‘be married’ together. It may sound a little squishy and perhaps even boring – but once you’re back at home, it will be the most special memory for both of you.

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