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Should You Elope?

Perhaps a strange question to ask, but it is one that went through my mind for a good few weeks during our engagement. Perhaps brought on by the seemingly endless decisions and plans to be made or perhaps by the mounting costs of a wedding – I just wanted to be married. For these few weeks I would have happily gone to court one morning and walked out a Mrs. We didn’t, and got married the ‘old fashioned’ way – but if it is something you are thinking about, then consider these few points:

Why are you eloping?

The two most common reasons are money and family. If yours is the former, eloping can seem like the ‘cheap’ way to get the ring on your finger – but not always so. If your idea of eloping involves a trip and two week holiday to Paris, then perhaps not.

If eloping seems like the way to avoid family and potential friction, then it could be the perfect solution – but keep in mind that you may come back to disappointed and hurt family members.

How will you elope?

Will it be a sneaky morning spent at court or will it be a two week holiday somewhere sunny? This will, of course, largely depend on your budget, but people have been known to get married in the morning and then go back to work in the afternoon – perfectly sneaky and easy to surprise friends and family members. A two week holiday may raise a few more suspicions …

But, how can you celebrate?

Eloping doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to celebrate – invite friends and family for a cocktail party / picnic / dinner when you’re back and break the news to them. It could also be special sharing the ‘secret’ with your partner for a day or two before you let the rest of the world know.

So, to elope or not? I’m on the fence with this one. It wasn’t for us as a couple – but I can easily see the temptation.

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