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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Struggling to Commit

With just over six months to go until The Big Day, I feel fairly comfortable that we have all the “big” things booked and arranged – venue, church, photographer, bridal party. I then look at all of the wedding countdown checklists available, and I’m told I’m meant to have all of this already done:

  • Research and book your vendors -photographer, videographer, reception music and florist
  • Buy lingerie for your wedding day
  • Think about your floral décor
  • Decide on a colour scheme
  • Order wedding dress
  • Research and reserve accommodation for guests
  • Register for any gift lists you want
  • Book ceremony musicians
  • Order bridesmaid dresses
  • Buy accessories i.e. shoes for bridesmaids
  • Book florist
  • Book honeymoon
  • Send save-the-date cards
  • Buy wedding rings

And then, I don’t feel so comfortable any more. I have a rough idea about most of these, but honestly, shoes for bridesmaids? Six months before the wedding? And lingerie for me? I don’t even know what size I’m going to be then (but of course, ever hopefully it will be a slightly smaller one than I am now). I think I’m suffering from Fear of Commitment. Not, of course, to get married, but of committing to vendors. I’ve been communicating with a make up artist for over a month, but just can’t seem to get my fingers to type the words “please book the date so I can pay you” . The same with bridesmaids dresses (which, unlike the shoes, I have at least started to think about). I always have the half-thought in the back of my head popping up saying “what if you find an even better make up artist / dresses for your bridesmaids – you do have a WHOLE six months still”. Sadly, if the great Wedding Oracle is to be believed, I may not have as much time as I think to decide. What do you think? Is it still a little early to be choosing shoes and lingerie, or should I just decide now and stick with it for the next six months?

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