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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: A Few Things Every Bride To Be Needs

My fiancé is very good at pointing out the difference between my wants and needs.  And as a bride to be I will admit that one may often need some clarification. Whilst no one truly needs a five tier cake, a philharmonic orchestra playing during the photo session or a helicopter delivering you to the aisle, I believe every bride needs a wee bit of a pampering and extra attention leading up to the big day.

Leading up to your wedding, things can get increasingly stressful (or so my justification goes).  I am such a sucker for massages and really believe that people who sit at a computer for eight hours day should get one regularly. So book yourself an hour long massage. Or better still, book a massage for two and pamper your maid of honour (who also happens to be getting married soon).

Our back, neck and shoulder massage was heavenly and after nearly dozing off we were offered champers whilst our manicures and pedicures were being done. Bliss

If you’re in intermittent nail biter, stop now and for heaven’s sake, book a manicure and perhaps a gel overlay to curb the biting before the wedding.  I am a culprit, but no one wants to see stumbles for nails in romantic hand photographs. What happens to my feet as they stay hidden in uggs, boots and fluffy winter slippers should never be revealed in the light of a summer’s day.

Pale, dry skin with cracked heels is never attractive least of all on your wedding day. Get that pumice stone out along with the exfoliator and scrub until your feet resemble a baby’s bum.

It’s no sin if you prefer to shave your legs less in the cold or keep more hair on your body during the hibernation months. Surely that’s how cave people survived the chill. But let’s face it, today we have razors, laser and waxing at our disposal. All of which hint at the fact that sadly (for us lazy ones) it’s no longer acceptable to be a hairy female. In public.

There’s a new pain-free laser method in town and it’s great.  Six to eight sessions and I’m told I’ll be hair-free.  The thought sends me singing all the way from the store where I purchased my last razor until the shores of my honeymoon. Whatever your regime, try it out way in advance.  That way you won’t end up with a red upper lip or bumpy bikini line when you’re hoping to look your sexiest.

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