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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Honeymooning!

In all the bustle of wedding planning, I think it’s easy to forget that there is a wonderful holiday for two waiting at the end of it –  time to get to know each other as husband and wife, bask in the “newly wed” glow and take a little break from what was life as it will never be again.

Tradition generally dictates that the romantic post-wedding getaway is the gift of the groom to the bride – surprising her with a fantastic holiday which she has no idea about until they arrive at their destination.

Now, while this is spectacularly romantic and exciting if done correctly by a clever and intuitive groom, it could play out to be less than fairy-tale fantastic – him thinking you’ve always wanted a game drive holiday, while the ocean is more your style, or booking a place with no electricity, when you can’t wake up without the help of your GHD.

My fiancé has blissfully been involved in all our wedding plans, so we also decided to plan our honeymoon together. We’ve chosen a little hidden-away gem that we’ve been wanting to visit for months – enough solitude to guarantee we won’t bump into any neighbouring guests (as there aren’t any) and to ensure there are no sounds of traffic – but close enough to “civilization” to allow us the choice of some of the country’s  best restaurants a mere 30 minute drive away. Win-win.  (PS if you want to know where we’re going, email me and I’ll share the secret).

Our entire honeymoon is costing less than half of what our wedding costs, and it’s absolutely perfect for us. Abundant quiet, endless horizons and rivers for walking, talking and just breathing – together with the luxury of underfloor heating, it’s our perfect place to start out our married lives.

Ultimately, like the rest of your wedding – it’s entirely up to you how important your honeymoon is to you – if a little local “staycation” will be perfect for you, or whether you won’t be satisfied if it’s anything less than a four week tour of Europe. It’s a time to celebrate your new titles of husband and wife – you’ll enjoy it wherever you are.

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