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New reception trend – the lounge pocket

Coffee shops and book shops made them all the rage. The lounge within a shop. The couch or two in the corner into which you can tumble at the end of a shopping spree, skinny latté in hand, magazine tightly clasped under your arm. A sigh escapes you. Life couldn’t get better.

But it has. Adding lounge furniture to your wedding reception is a rising trend in the industry that is weddings. It’s a lovely idea. It allows mingling of friends and family away from the table, is a great area for the elderly and those with young children, it adds an element of comfort and invites people to stay a little longer. It also can look welcoming and elegant.

But is it affordable and does it mean renting costly furniture?

Here are a few ideas for a lounge pocket at your wedding whilst getting around the expense:

  • Buy a couple of second-hand inexpensive couches on e-bay or gumtree and drape them in white draperies (easy to get); add white cushions, a few brightly coloured ones, and cordon off the area with deliciously soft curtaining. You can always sell them again afterwards
  • Use straw bales and cover them in quilts – this works especially well if it’s a garden party
  • Ask the venue you are using to add their own – there is often lounge furniture in other parts of the hotel/venue that they might not use at the time of your reception (in this way you can simply negotiate an additional cost)
  • Cover really large foam squares with reasonably priced upholstery fabrics in primary colours to make several ottomans. You can use these afterwards for your own home or garden, or re-sell on gumtree
  • Get a couple of your friends to each bring extraneous comfy chairs, add big cushions and a rug and the eclectic look could well be all you need
  • Try to negotiate with a furniture department store that you advertise for them if they let you use their furniture (no idea if this works, but it seems worth a try)
  • Get a couple of rental quotes – they might not be that bad

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