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So You’re Engaged … Now What?

So You’re Engaged … Now What? Allow me for one second to state the obvious: Good news should be celebrated, and engagements are no exception. This is not the time to be coy. This is the time to bask in smiles and happiness. You deserve it…

Why? Because relationships can be hard, and if the two of you have come this far then congratulations are in order. Well done! A brand new chapter is about to start and I have no doubt that it is going to be one hell of a ride.

But where to from here? The ring has been placed. The yes has been said. And now? Well, now you get to have a little fun…

Tell your folks, siblings and closest friends:

Traditionally it is customary to first tell the bride’s parents before anyone else is in formed. Try to avoid texts and phone calls if possible. It is far better to give this kind of news in person. If distance is an issue then a phone call will suffice. But no texts or emails!

Change your Facebook status:

Don’t pretend you’re not jumping to do it. We all know you are. Expect a ton of congratulations from everyone, but don’t feel bad if it is too overwhelming to thank everyone. A blanket “thank-you” has become quite acceptable in Facebookland.

Book an engagement photo shoot:

Couple shoots are incredibly fun to do and they go a long way in preparing you for being the centre of attention at your wedding.

If you are camera shy then a couple’s shoot is a must. You don’t want to feel awkward in front of the camera on your wedding day, so you might as well practice now. And have fun doing it! Gather props, dress up, be fun and silly. Nothing you want to do is too outrageous. Just go for it and enjoy the experience.

Throw a party:

It’s probably going to be a while before you get around to the wedding thing, so throw an engagement party to celebrate your current state of elation.

It is generally accepted that people who are invited to the engagement party should be invited to the wedding as well. This is a reasonable expectation, but some couples opt to have a large engagement party followed by a very small wedding while others opt to have an engagement party and simply elope afterwards. Whatever feels ok with you should be fine.

Send out Save-the-Dates:

Once you know when the big day is going to be, let the folks who are invited know so that they can make any necessary arrangements to be there.

Quality time together:

Make an effort to set aside some quality time for just the two of you. The next little while is going to be all about wedding plans. Don’t let that get in the way of your relationship. Organize a weekend away or make plans for a night on the town for just the two of you and celebrate your upcoming nuptials together.

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