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Candice’s Bridal Diary: More Than Just A Pretty Face?

With less than eight months to go until our wedding, we thankfully have most of the “big” arrangements made – venue, church and photographer. It’s a great relief and gives me more time to focus on the smaller details like make-up, invitations, flowers – which in itself can be a good or bad thing.

While the invitation and flowers are all undecided, I’ve begun the search  for a make-up artist. I decided quite near the beginning of the planning process that I was going to do my own hair for the wedding – I’ll have it cut, coloured and pampered a little leading up to the day, but for the actual styling on the day, I’ll be doing that myself. I have somewhat high maintenance hair and over decades of having to tame it, I think I’m the person best qualified to whip it into shape – I also have more than enough time in the coming eight months  to try different styles at my leisure , blissfully in the comfort of my own home.

Make-up and general face prettiness, however, is a separate challenge. I can do a normal work day look, but am somewhat petrified of doing it myself on the big day and then showing up in photographs as shiny and washed out with clown-like lips. So I’ll be calling in the professionals – armed with a handful of brushes, every conceivable colour of foundation and powder, and hopefully the ability to make me picture perfect. With so many different “look “ options – smoky eyes, red lips, false eyelashes, cream vs powder blusher, this is one choice I’m more than happy to leave in someone else’s capable hands. I’m also already investigating changing my range of skin care products, which will hopefully make the artist’s job even easier

Low maintenance, mostly natural or spectacular and dramatic…what are your thoughts for wedding make up and beauty?

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