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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Getting Your Wedding Mojo

Last week I wrote about my bout of wedding apathy : of losing interest slightly in the wedding planning process, and being more excited about being married than about the ceremony.

This week I hope to share a few ways in which I’ve rediscovered my “wedding mojo” and reignited my excitement.

Actual, physical THINGS

This may sound a little bizarre, so bear with me : I’ve found touching the fabric of my wedding dress, putting on my wedding shoes, and soon – the thought of trying on our weddings rings next weekend – helps. A lot of wedding planning is hypothetical, theoretical and digital – emails going back and forth, picking out menus, flowers and hairstyles from images online. Actually physically connecting with aspects of The Wedding makes it more real, and I’ve found it causes a little flutter of excitement too.

Wedding Magazines / Blogs

Stereotypical and clichéd as it may sound – and I’m sure you feel like you’ve seen enough to last you a lifetime – paging through a good magazine and seeing images that inspire you.


As much as your wedding day is about celebrating your and your fiance’s commitment and love, it’s also about your friends and family sharing in that celebration with you. Your bridesmaids will probably be the first to jump to the “mojo rescue” – I’ve had offers of champagne and macarons at my dress fitting, shopping trips to find the perfect hair clip –and of course now, hounding me for a guest list for my kitchen tea.


Although you may just want to ignore all things wedding –and watch series or read a book with the rest of the world worries about which flowers you’ll have – this is hopefully going to be the only time you’ll ever experience this as a bride. In 10 or even 20 years’ time, I don’t want to be wishing I paid more attention, or got more excited in the lead up to one of the most important days of my life.

Go with it. Be that blushing bride. Drive everyone crazy with your non-stop wedding speak (I bet that deep down they’re loving it too). It will well be the only chance you will be able to do it and get away with it!

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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