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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Choosing The Shoe

The Great Shoe Hunt is officially starting. One of the many joys of the lead up to summer months is that the shoes available suddenly triple in selection. I’m slowly starting to eye shoe shops in search of my special pair – here are a few tips that will hopefully help you find yours!

Your venue:

If your ceremony or reception is predominantly outside on soft soil, then stilettos are probably not going to be your best friend – sinking into the soil with every step. Perhaps consider a chunkier heel, wedge or even a pump to make sure you stay above-ground all day.


If you are only planning on wearing your wedding shoes for the few hours on your wedding day, then all you have to consider is how comfortable they are and if they match your wedding dress. However, if you’d like to wear them again, perhaps a snow-white shoe is a less practical choice. Maybe consider a nude shoe, or even one in a bright pop of colour instead.

Your foot:

A potentially obvious point I know, but also one that is easily overlooked. If your foot is broader, perhaps peep-toes aren’t the ideal choice (the look of squashed toes is never very appealing). The same applies if your foot is very narrow – a pair of sling backs which constantly fall of your feet is neither attractive nor comfortable.

The time of year :

If you are getting married in the depths of winter – a sandal-type shoe will leave you with frozen toes and chattering teeth. Consider a closed shoe instead – or if it is venue appropriate, why not invest in a gorgeous pair of leather boots? Sure to be worn again and again – a constant reminder of your special day.

Your budget:

If you have an unlimited amount to spend on your wedding shoes, then you have nothing to worry about. If, however, you’d prefer to spend your budget on other areas of your wedding, perhaps consider a “less traditional” wedding shoe – something non-white or cream : perhaps a pair that ties in with your wedding colours, or an existing pair in your cupboard that you adore. After all, the joy of a wedding is that it’s all about you –  you get to choose!

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