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Candice’s Bridal Diary: A Wedding or a Marriage?

Four weeks ago, I was freshly engaged and basking in the glow of my very sparkly ring and equally gorgeous fiance. We quickly set a date – 27 April 2013 – and I started scouting for a venue, church and photographer.

I’m embarrassed to admit, that the glow quickly started to fade at this stage. We’d always had a small, intimate wedding with 30 people in mind, and we have the budget to match. However, I soon realised that few people in the wedding industry understand what the word “budget”means. With venue hire fees, make-up artists charging up to R4000, and photographers almost requiring payment in terms of blood and first-born-children, I quickly turned into a puddle of bridal despair.

With only 4 weeks down, and over 9 months to go, I realised I couldn’t continue like this, and a change of mindset was definitely needed.

Luke and I have a few pre-requisites for our celebration day – we want it to be special, beautiful and memorable. Working on just those goals, we realised that you don’t need a big budget to accomplish any of them. We are blessed to have some amazingly talented friends in our lives – who are going to donate their time and skills in terms of photography, sound for the ceremony and even the design for the invitations.

I’ve also discovered a host of online bridal resources for cost-effective and DIY decoration ideas which I plan to use – with 9 months at my disposal, I definitely have the time to spend making even the tiniest detail beautiful.

While flowers, photographs and invitations will all add to the beauty of our celebration day, I’m already quite clear in my mind on what will make it memorable – and I need to actively remember to keep this a priority. It’s simply the day I marry the love of my life. The start of our lives together as one – and no matter what happens with the cake, or how much the flowers cost – I know this fact is guaranteed to make our day perfect.

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