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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Why Planning a Honeymoon is Way More Fun Than Planning Your Wedding

Now some wedding guides will list who should pay for what, precisely what you should’ve planned each month before the wedding and whose responsibility it is to organise the honeymoon, rehearsal dinner and anything up to fetching the cake. I would say ignore these lists. At least I did a few weeks into my engagement.

You’re overwhelmed enough and reading a wedding checklist will only add unnecessary stress. Planning your honeymoon is a mental holiday amidst the wedding planning. Think hammocks, snorkelling and paddling ( for the adventurous and my fiancé) as opposed to speeches, names of flowers and the order of service.  Both are exciting, but the latter is thrilling.

If you only have a six month engagement and the list says you should have booking wedding cars, songs for your reception and ordered wedding rings six to twelve months ahead, you are going to panic.  All families are different. Some may be able to contribute more than others and that is ok. Don’t hold your Dad to paying for the rehearsal dinner, because let’s face it who has money for entire dining experience the day before the wedding. Just a rehearsal is fine.

I’m all for surprises and whilst I’m totally in the dark about where we’ll spend our first few nights as a married couple, I’m elated that I get to be a part of planning our honeymoon overseas. Being a lover of travel writing and photography, planning a foreign trip beats any other kind of planning hands down.

We are flying to a warm, tropical country with islands, endless white stretches of beaches, mountains, with a splash of adventure and relaxation. Booking our flights together was one of our most exciting times and turned out to be a celebration all by itself.

Whilst wedding planning has many joys, it is often accompanied by stress on account of people left off the guest list, money constraints and the fact that your hair refuses to grow.  But with your honeymoon, it’s just you and your new hubby. This is the time you actually get to celebrate your marriage once the nerves and jitters of the day are behind you.

I spend chunks of a day trawling through travel websites showing images of islands, cuisine and nightlife that we could choose to be a part of.  We compare beach hut accommodation with luxury hotels. Whilst a bit of luxury is always welcome, when I’m given the choice of a beach shuttle from a hotel with stepping out of a hut onto the sand, I choose the latter every time.

If you’re keen on having everything organised for you, go through a travel agent. But if you find to find bargain flights, accommodation and do everything on your own time, book online.  Browse websites of various airlines and look out for sales and if you’re getting married during low season, lucky you.

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