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Wedding Day Simple Suggestions

Wedding Day Simple Suggestions ~ If you got engaged over the holidays it is likely that you’re currently spending a lot of time daydreaming about your wedding day – even if that day is still far far away!

In the beginning, wedding planning can be kind of intimidating though, especially if you have never planned a big event before, or if you have never been part of anyone else’s wedding.

Here are a couple of small wedding day simple suggestions to help you get your creative wedding planning mojo flowing …

The Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Unless you have known that you favourite colour is pink since you were three years old, you might be struggling with what colour to put the bridesmaids in. Can I tell you a secret? Put the bridesmaids in a colour that suits you.

Skip whatever the latest colour trend is and dress your girls in a colour that makes you radiate. Even though you won’t be wearing the colour, you will still be surrounded by it and the good match will show in your photographs.

Stand Your Ground

Now that you are getting married every person who has ever been married (or been to a wedding for that matter) is going to be throwing stories and advice at you.

This can be overwhelming (and let me tell you that if / when you fall pregnant for the first time it will be about a thousand times worse) but the best way to deal with it is just to smile politely and remind yourself that people are excited for you and they mean well. AND THEN… do what you want anyway.

Know that in-laws, parents, siblings and friends will try to tell you what to do and how to do it, but that you do not have  to take their advice. This isn’t easy.

Sometimes you kind of want to just be nice and keep the peace and not be seen as stubborn or boss, but the thing is that when you get to the other side of your wedding you might find yourself wishing you had just done what you wanted to in the first place instead of letting too many people have their say.

Keep it Classic

You know how you’ve got that one cocktail dress in your closet that never seems to date? You wore it once when you were just out of high school and over the last time years you have worn it another dozen or so times to various functions, dressing it up or down as the occasion calls.

Well, when it comes to choosing your look for your wedding day, try to keep that dress in mind. No, I don’t mean wear a black cocktail dress! I mean that you should try to keep your look as timeless as possible.

There is nothing worse than looking back on your wedding photos and asking yourself, “What was I thinking?” I’ll tell you what you were thinking: you were thinking that pandering to a current fashion style would be a great idea. Well, you just have to look at the 80s to know that fashion is not always your friend.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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