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Love Quotes from Classic Literature
14 May 2014

3 Love Quotes from Classic Literature

There’s nothing like a good quote from some classic literature to add a little spice to a wedding speech. Why? Because wedding speeches are all about feelings, and when you are having a little trouble expressing those ...

5 Love Quotes
23 Apr 2014

5 Love Quotes from Contemporary Literature

When it comes to writing wedding speeches, a lot of us tend to get a little anxious about what to say. Luckily “love” is one of those subjects that many people have written great things about, so when you’re ...

Fun Wedding Themes
29 Jan 2014

Fun Wedding Themes For You To Consider

The easiest way to put an extra special touch on your wedding day is to choose a wedding theme that is a little “out there”. This, of corse, will take a lot of extra planning, but it will also most certainly be a ...

Simple Suggestions
24 Jan 2014

Wedding Day Simple Suggestions

If you got engaged over the holidays it is likely that you’re currently spending a lot of time daydreaming about your wedding day - even if that day is still far far away! In the beginning, wedding planning can be ...

Morning Cocktail Recipes
9 Jan 2014

Morning Cocktail Recipes

Just because you’re getting married in the morning doesn’t mean that you have to put the celebratory drinks on hold. Morning wedding cocktails might call for less rum and more fruit juice, but that doesn’t mean ...

Heatproof Your Look
27 Dec 2013

Heatproof Your Look

With temperatures rising, it can often be a struggle to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day – a battle between oil, water and everything in between. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a guest or just someone ...

Staying Healthy Over the Festive Season
19 Dec 2013

Tips on Staying Healthy Over the Festive Season

Sigh. That seems to be something that is happening everywhere you listen this time of year. General exhaustion reigns supreme, as the busiest time of the year begins. With end of year functions, weddings, parties and ...

A Christmas Wedding
10 Dec 2013

All About A Christmas Wedding

Before you shoot this article down in a mountain of cheese … give it some thought. I first stumbled across the idea of a Christmas wedding on a episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Log fires, green ivy, candles and red bows ...

Gifts for the Groom
26 Nov 2013

All About Gifts For The Groom

For once, this article isn’t about me. Something old, new, borrowed, blue – I had it all. But what about my poor groom? Here are a few ideas of how to make your groom feel special with gifts and goodness. Here are ...

How to Hire a Wedding Planner
15 Nov 2013

4 Tips on How to Hire a Wedding Planner

For busy brides who tend to get a little bit on the overwhelmed side, hiring a wedding planner could be the difference between getting things done right and losing your grasp on sanity. Weddings can be chaos to arrange, ...

Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas
24 Oct 2013

A Sweeter Ceremony – Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Alternative wedding ceremony ideas - If you’re planning your wedding and feel like you want a little extra something special to add to the proceedings of the day then you will be happy to know that there are a lot of ...

Wedding Planning Can Be Overwhelming
22 Oct 2013

Weddings are lovely, but the Wedding Planning Can Be Overwhelming

Weddings are lovely. Wedding planning, however, can be downright overwhelming. No matter how stable your relationship is, it can take a toll on the most secure of relationships – where every spare moment is taken up ...

Ring Shopping
2 Jul 2013

The Right Way to Buy an Engagement Ring

Literature and television tend to give us a bit of a skewed idea of how things work out in the real world, but few of those ideas are quite as inaccurate as the idea of the engagement ring. You see, in a perfect world, ...

Gift Table
3 Jun 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 3 – Showers, Wedding Parties & Presents

By now you are hopefully planning your wedding your way, you have graciously accepted a little financial help from your mom and you are wearing that gorgeous white gown that you initially walked away from because your ...

Lingerie Shopping
24 May 2013

How to Shop for Bridal Lingerie

While no one but your significant other (and possibly your bridal party or whoever helps you get dressed) will see your underwear on your wedding day, your bridal lingerie is still an important part of your wedding ...

Couple in love
21 May 2013

Finding love – 8 ways you can create love in your life

We place a staggering amount of importance on finding the 'love' of our lives. This person must fulfill just about every need we have. Often these expectations are not only unrealistic, but the consistent support we ...

Cute Wedding Shoes
30 Apr 2013

Assembling the Accessories

Even the most perfect bridal gown is not complete without accessories, so once your dress has been decided on there is still a little bit of work left to do before your perfect princess ensemble is complete. Here are ...

Wedding Myth
29 Apr 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 2 – Money and Wearing White

If you are currently planning your second wedding then it is possible that the question “Is it proper?” has reared its ugly head a couple of times already. Whether you heard it from a friend or colleague or even if ...

Second Wedding Myths
10 Apr 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 1 – The Wedding

I was at a bridal fair with a friend a couple of years ago and I remember over hearing one of the stall holders loudly exclaiming “Ag what nonsense man! I’m getting married for the second time this year and I’m ...

29 Mar 2013

How To Get A Friend To Marry You

Officially, in South Africa, one has to be married by a legal authority. Known as a marriage officer or civil union officer (they also call themselves wedding officiators), they can be ministers, judges or anyone who ...

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