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Graceful, Natural Black Wedding Hairstyles

Amongst black brides there is something of an emerging counter-culture that supports natural hair, just the way it is, rather than the predilection to smooth, straighten and moisturise so that it can accommodate other more common bridal hair styles.

For those of you who have thrown out the straightener, this post is for you.

Natural ways to wear your hair:

  • An updo classic bun – you’ll need a hold and shine product and hair pins to pull your long hair off your face. Sweep up into a ponytail, divide into even sections, twist and fold each section and secure with hair pins; use each subsequent section to produce a wealth of tucked disks until you have a large buoyant bun. Add accessories like rhinestone clips or feathers
  • Afro – let your hair dry naturally, moisturise with a product that will give natural curls, or leave to afro –  and secure off your face with a pretty rhinestone alice band or flowers
  • Afro ponytail – similar idea but sweep up the hair on the back of your head and secure in place, leaving the fro as a section on the top of your head. Add rhinestone clips, flowers or bows
  • Bang bun – part the section of your hair you want to use for bangs and tie up the rest with a clip or elastic, then moisturise the bangs and either fold this piece under and secure, or twist to one side (this can be in individual twists or as one piece) and clip; now moisturise the rest of the hair thoroughly, root to tip, smooth and secure into a puff or bun (you can do this the night before and use a cotton scarf over the hair to help lay flat)
  • Classic fold and tuck – blow out the hair, part using your fingers from the bottom of the head in cross sections (left to right), at the nape of the neck take your first section and roll under using your finger and secure with either a grip or pin; then working your way up the head, part the next section (there will be about 6 or 7 folds), then roll and tuck and pin. The shorter the fro, the more creative you will need to be with your folds (some of the side bits may need twisting)

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