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The Advantages of a Last-Minute Wedding

I’m sure you’ve read them – the stories of couples who, spontaneously and very last-minute, decide to get married. Somehow they manage to pull everything together with ease and in the fervour of the moment, declare their wedding the best ever.

One of the fundamentals of last minute weddings is that you do not have the time to dither over little things. This not only saves you time, but a lot of money. By having only a couple of weeks, and sometimes even less time to pull off a wedding, it is only the essentials that are important, and the frivolities that seem so imperative when you have the time, become just that – superfluous.

Because you don’t have time for agonising, and because of the need to make instinctive and final decisions once only, a momentum builds that sweeps one down the aisle with little of the pre-wedding angst that befalls brides who have taken a year to plan their wedding.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t plan a wedding, but for those who do leave it to the last minute this is the major advantage. There are others:

  • Agonising over finding the perfect dress is just not possible. Nine times out of ten spontaneous weddings tend to happen away from home, and options are limited. Very often brides find the dress because there is only one boutique in town.
  • Guests are kept to a minimum. Most of the time it’s the bride and groom and whichever friends and family you can muster together in the time designated. It means that only those important to you are at the wedding.
  • Finding the cake is simple. Just don’t mention the word ‘wedding’ if you pop into the local bakery to ask them to bake you a cake for the day. It’s tantamount to sounding an alarm and will only result in panic. Just talk as if the cake is for a special birthday or anniversary. Better still, make do with one of the cakes off the shelf, and decorate it yourself.
  • Finding someone to marry you might be the only little glitch, but I’ve yet to hear of a couple intent on marriage who haven’t managed to muster up an officiate.
  • Forget a theme for your reception, an informal meal in a local garden, or restaurant will more than fill the gap.

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