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21st Century Wedding Gifts
21 Nov 2013

21st Century Wedding Gifts

Let’s face it: most of today’s brides and grooms have been living together for months, if not years. Our marrying couples are older, they are established and they pretty much have their lives and homes figured out. ...

5 Apr 2013

Why I’d use Yuppiechef as my wedding registry any day…

If you're even vaguely unstocked in the kitchen tools department when you marry, and even if you're not, the Yuppiechef online gift registry not only has gadgets and food accessories to make your drool, but their online ...

2 Nov 2012

The Wedding Registry – Yea Or Nay?

Wedding registries. Do they make lives easier in the run up to a wedding, or are they an added stress to your guests to spend more than they would have, had they had the choice? Because here is the crunch: asking ...

22 Aug 2012

Tips To Creating Your Registry

Choosing a wedding registry (place where the wedding guests can select gifts) goes beyond simply selecting a shop and being done with it. Choose something close to home – by this we mean, choose somewhere that you ...

10 Apr 2012

Yuppiechef for your Wedding Registry in South Africa

Yuppiechef is an online kitchen store that stocks over 60 amazing brands like Le Creuset and Global knives which you might have spotted on Masterchef South Africa, KitchenAid, Victorinox and Eva Solo to name a few. They ...

15 Dec 2011

The Gift Company for your Wedding Registry in South Africa

The Gift Company offers a personalised gift registry service that has the benefit of being online. It is a hassle free site that is easy to use for both the bridal couple and their guests. We house all our products ...