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Photo Booths
26 Sep 2013

Photo Booths Are Awesome

I went to a wedding the other day and I finally learnt what the point of having a photo booth is. Of course I have been to many Bridal Fairs and usually while ambling through them I get high-jacked by at least one photo ...

Expressions Photography
30 Jul 2013

Expressions Photography for your Cape Town Wedding

André and Selma are a couple and a couple of wedding photographers. They have both been taking photographs in a personal capacity but since completing a photography course, they have been photographing professionally ...

Trash the Dress
29 Jul 2013

Celebrating in Style

I wanted to do a trash-the-dress photo shoot shortly after my husband and I got married last year, but at the time it just seemed like too much trouble to organize it. By the time the wedding was over we were both ...

Groom getting ready
21 Mar 2013

Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 2 – The Groom Getting Ready

In part one of this wedding photo checklist series we looked at all the photographs needed to make sure you have a well-rounded photographic representation of the bride getting ready. Today we are looking at what photos ...

Neisha and Allesandro
20 Mar 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Neisha and Alessandro’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this gorgeous day for Neisha and Alessandro ... "I met Neisha whilst photographing her daughters wedding a few months earlier, and moments after ...

Carola and Guido
6 Mar 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Carola and Guido’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this stunning day for Carola and Guido ... Shooting this German wedding at Dornier Wine Estate was both a surprise as well as a pleasure, I have ...

Charnell Timms - Carla and Wendell
25 Feb 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Carla and Wendell’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this gorgeous day for Carla and Wendell ... What I loved about shooting this wedding is that it epitomized the 'Rainbow Nation' in more ways than ...

Bourdoir Bride
21 Feb 2013

The Boudoir Bride

Boudoir photography has become quite the trend in recent years and one of the most exciting and extraordinary aspects of this art form is that you don’t have to be a stick-thin model to indulge in it. Now perhaps you ...

Charnell Timms Urban Energy
18 Feb 2013

Urban Energy and Charnell Timms Photography

The Urban Energy of Cape Town is brought into  stark focus with Charnell Timms Photography. Charnell is a freelance photographer in Cape Town specializing in wedding photography and destination photography. Her ...

Camera Shy Bride
4 Feb 2013

The Camera-Shy Bride

In a world where every second girl on Facebook is sporting an over-confident duck-pout and cellphone self-portraiture has all but become an actual art form, it seems inconceivable that camera shyness is an ailment that ...

21 Aug 2012

The 5 Myths of Wedding Photography

Photography is overpriced There is a lot of discussion around this, particularly when the budget is already squeezed and paying someone to do what your brother-in-law could do, does seem a little, well, like throwing ...

24 Jul 2012

Taking Photos at the Wedding – When You’re The Guest

These days you don't even need to have your camera with you, as the average cell phone takes really good pics. But is it 'gracious' to allow one's creative urge to take over just to get the shot, when there is a ...

6 Jul 2012

Ryan Graham Photography For Your Wedding in Gauteng

Ryan Graham is an experienced wedding photographer based in Johannesburg and Cape Town and has been photographing weddings for twelve years. He is one of South Africa’s most sought after wedding photographers for his ...

4 Jun 2012

Do We Really Need A Professional Photographer?

These days, with marvellous level entry cameras on the market, and the fact that every second person's brother-in-law takes really great pics, one does start to second guess the whole wedding photographer ...

12 Dec 2011

Engagement shoots – a good idea?

According to some, engagement photographic shoots are important. They even venture to say that one should have them. Although the major reason sited by this particular article was 'so that the bride can experiment with ...

8 Nov 2011

Natural Light Photography For Your Wedding in the Western Cape

Maree of Natural Light Photography offers affordable wedding photography packages, as she believes that every couple should have beautifull photos to celebrate and remember their most special day. When photographing ...