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Love is ...
1 Jul 2011

Seating Plan Ideas and Themes

Once the actual wedding ceremony is at an end  and the guests make their way to the seated dinner venue, one usually finds a seating plan at the entrance of the wedding reception venue showing where each guest will be ...

Matt & Kayla
24 Jun 2011

Personalize your wedding theme – put your heart and soul on the table

How do you show your personality in a traditional setting? Well, sometimes you just need to put your heart and soul on the table. A brilliant example I have seen this year is a wonderful couple who managed to add a ...

13 Jun 2011

Wedding confetti ideas and alternatives

If you're bored with normal wedding confetti, the type you buy at shops that is mass made for weddings, then what are the alternatives? Even Rice is boring now, unless you jazz it up by dying it in your own colours. ...

Wedding Carnations
9 Jun 2011

Your Wedding flowers needn’t cost the earth!

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you want every detail to be absolutely perfect. Your Wedding Flowers play a major role in determining the ambience and theme of the wedding. However, you ...