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26 Feb 2013

Quirky Confetti

The throwing of confetti is one of the more traditional wedding practices that we perform today but it is certainly a practice that that can be jazzed up with a little bit of creative imagination. If you aren’t one ...

31 Oct 2011

Some Alternative Send-Off Ideas

Just why do people throw rice or confetti at the bride and groom on their departure? It's a traditional send-off supposed to signify fertility and prosperity. It's an ancient custom that followed that of throwing wheat ...

13 Jun 2011

Wedding confetti ideas and alternatives

If you're bored with normal wedding confetti, the type you buy at shops that is mass made for weddings, then what are the alternatives? Even Rice is boring now, unless you jazz it up by dying it in your own colours. ...

Rose Petals
30 May 2011

Rose and other flower petals as confetti

We LOVE This!! The ONLY floral freeze-drying service in South Africa, PetalMania offers something very special. PetalMania produces the highest quality, bio-degradable wedding confetti, in a wide variety of colours to ...