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posted on 8 March 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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With our wedding officially next month (yay!), I’ve started thinking about some of the practicalities of the day. I’m making and baking all the after-ceremony treats myself, and plan to do all the flowers (except my bouquet) too. You could say I’m a little OCD, but I’m ok with that. I love making things beautiful, the planning and execution – the Pinterest pinning, magazine scouring and hunting for ideas – and seeing them become a reality. Sadly, as much as I’d love to, I’ve realised our wedding is perhaps the one time I won’t be able to decorate the tables, layout the treats and do the table settings myself, and the idea of handing it over to someone else is a little daunting.

As the ladies I trust the most are in the bridal party, it’s now sent me searching for someone to help on the day. Not a wedding planner – as all the planning and arranging would have been done beforehand – but just someone to do all the practical tasks and “logistics” on the day : set and decorate the table, arrange the treats on tables. I’m meeting with a wedding co-ordinator next week, who said it’s completely feasible for her to do it – but I’m already worried at how much someone may charge for a few hours of organisational skills and eye for detail.

Should the meeting end in a bill that totals thousands, I do have a friend in mind that I may approach (beg or plead) to be the Wedding Manager on the day – but it’s quite a tricky task. Effectively trusting someone with the image of your wedding, all the details you’ve spent hours and days imagining and planning – and knowing you’ll only see it with your guests.

I’m realising that my normally -very-useful organisational and control skills are a little inconvenient when you’re meant to be the guest of honour  : and not the host.

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