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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Food, Glorious Wedding Food

Nom, nom nom … my favourite words and to be honest, one of my favourite pastimes. I love eating! I love cooking. I love food. My Bear and I love food and we enjoy creating and discovering flavours whether it is at a slow market in the winelands, indoor food festivals up the coast or in my mother’s kitchen.

I’ve seen a sign reading: Eat, drink and be married and to be frank, food has become a crucial element to a great wedding. In fact, good food is key to most events and gatherings (well, if you’re going to be inviting me that is).

Funny enough, Bear and I have not given extensive thought to our menu nor have we strategised on ways to keep our guests’ tummies happy and their pallets entertained. We’ve been so focused on getting married and becoming husband and wife, starting our forever adventure together that it was only recently, three months into our engagement that we’ve been asked by our venue for our menu selection. I guess it was much like the selection of our venue, it was an instinctual decision, something we chose long before the planning started, a fit that was perfect before it all started.

We’re having a west coast party, a beach affair, and our menu will be a reflection of that. There are so many delicious flavours and quirky dishes trademark to the fisherman villages that hug the beautiful West Coast we would be foolish to ignore it! And that was it, our menu, like our wedding will be rich in west coast traditions.

Now it’s your turn. Will your menu be a reflection or an extension of your wedding? The options and ideas are endless. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the planning process so far and this is another opportunity for you to have a great time. Along with your groom look at the meals you would want your guests to enjoy and remember. Think about your venue, your colours and themes. I’m not saying you have to serve a beetroot puree with your venison steak just for the sake of matching your bridesmaids’ burgundy dresses but oh what fun it would be to have the eats and treats continue the thread of your special day.

If there’s a thread that has been evident throughout my posts it’s that I will usually end with a similar message and today will be no different: your menu, whether it’s exotic, unique, traditional or contemporary cannot steal away the importance of the reason for the day. You get to marry the love of your life and no macaron can top that!

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