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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Hello Honeymoon!

With 4 (eeek!) days to go until we get married, it’s very easy to get caught up in table settings, marriage certificates and photo shoot locations.  I have one more full day of work before the wedding, and find myself theoretically dreaming of a morning sleeping in, waking up lazily to a cup of tea. I say theoretically, because sleep in general has not been very forthcoming these past few days.

The table settings, photo shoot locations and logistics to have  a sneaky habit of popping up while you’re lying in bed and causing your mind to go round in circles. A little counter intuitive, as I perhaps need my beauty  sleep more than ever now.

And then it hit me : after the next few days of planning, sleep deprivation and excitement – we’re going on HOLIDAY! It seems so obvious, but the concept really did sneak up on me. It seems it’s a little forgotten in between flower choices and drinks lists – you and your new husband will be going away on an amazing holiday together. Where sleep and tea in bed will become the order of the day (if you so choose) – there will be no wedding to stress about, (hopefully) no knots in your stomach keeping you awake. Just  the two of you, recovering from the wedding madness, and learning how to be husband and wife together.

To try and move my focus a little to “life after the wedding” I’ve started packing my bag for honeymoon, focusing on the long walks we’ll take, places we’ll eat at, cosy afternoons in front of the fireplace. Remembering to pack in my willies, scarf and gloves.

I’m not wishing our wedding away – I can’t wait to put on my dress, cry at the bottom of the aisle when I see my groom, and celebrate with our closest friends and family – but goodness, I am looking forward to a little holiday!

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