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Cutting The Cake
28 Feb 2013

Cutting the Cake

Let’s be honest…the most any of us know about wedding cakes is that there is always one displayed somewhere at weddings. If you’re planning a wedding, you have no doubt already given the cake at least some vague ...

Colleagues Kitchen Tea
27 Feb 2013

Candice’s Bridal Diary: The Colleague Conundrum

I was in two minds about inviting my colleagues to our wedding, but when I returned to work this year after the December holidays, the countdown to my wedding was mentioned on my first day back : it was ...

Trying on Dress
27 Feb 2013

What To Wear When You’re Shopping For What To Wear

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I'd write about dressing up to go shopping! The concept is an eye-rolling one. I mean, whatever next - who cares what you wear when leaving the house to shop for a ...

Glitter Confetti
26 Feb 2013

Quirky Confetti

The throwing of confetti is one of the more traditional wedding practices that we perform today but it is certainly a practice that that can be jazzed up with a little bit of creative imagination. If you aren’t one ...

Charnell Timms - Carla and Wendell
25 Feb 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Carla and Wendell’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this gorgeous day for Carla and Wendell ... What I loved about shooting this wedding is that it epitomized the 'Rainbow Nation' in more ways than ...

Bratty Bride
25 Feb 2013

Don’t Be A Bratty Bride

We love to jest about Bridezilla and most of us are lucky enough to avoid deserving this particular label, but it is pretty likely that a kaleidoscope of emotions ranging from pure bliss to crippling stress might play ...

22 Feb 2013

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Getting Your Wedding Mojo

Last week I wrote about my bout of wedding apathy : of losing interest slightly in the wedding planning process, and being more excited about being married than about the ceremony. This week I hope to share a few ...

Wedding Myths
22 Feb 2013

Marriage Myths

There is something particularly blissful about the time between saying “yes” to a marriage proposal to the moment you get to say “I do” in front of your friends and family, but it is easy to get so lost in the ...

Eat Healthy
21 Feb 2013

The No-Diet-Eat-Healthily Pre-Wedding Food Plan

Almost every bride I know feels obliged to diet before her wedding. Shedding five to ten kilograms is usually the objective - the idea being that when you walk down the aisle you will blow people's breath away because ...

Bourdoir Bride
21 Feb 2013

The Boudoir Bride

Boudoir photography has become quite the trend in recent years and one of the most exciting and extraordinary aspects of this art form is that you don’t have to be a stick-thin model to indulge in it. Now perhaps you ...

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress
20 Feb 2013

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses – why we LOVE them

Heavily influenced by Catherine Middleton's long, lacy sleeved wedding dress, wedding fashion has taken a turn and veered towards the ultra romantic, incorporating lace and net sleeves just in time for autumn and winter ...

Favourite Favours
20 Feb 2013

Favourite Favours

The tradition of giving gifts to wedding guests started many years ago with the French Aristocrats as a way to show off wealth and to symbolize the royal standing of a couple within that society. In today’s day the ...

19 Feb 2013

Bosduifklip – Tie The Knot in Lamberts Bay

Bosduifklip open air restaurant is a very unique restaurant. A wedding at Bosduifklip always is something extra special and truly one of its kind that you will find nowhere else. Bosduifklip Restaurant is a rustic and ...

19 Feb 2013

Natural Aphrodisiacs (That Aren’t Oysters) – Perfect Honeymoon Food

An aphrodisiac increases sexual desire, hence the name, which comes from the Greek goddess of love - Aphrodite. Whilst there are those who proport that medical science has no claim that any particular food increases ...

Charnell Timms Urban Energy
18 Feb 2013

Urban Energy and Charnell Timms Photography

The Urban Energy of Cape Town is brought into  stark focus with Charnell Timms Photography. Charnell is a freelance photographer in Cape Town specializing in wedding photography and destination photography. Her ...

Wedding Rings
18 Feb 2013

Older women, younger men

It will take you a couple of seconds to name at least two celebrity women who have married younger men... Demi Moore, who married Ashton Kutcher (her third marriage, he was 15 years her junior), and Madonna, who ...

Teatime Wedding
15 Feb 2013

A Teatime Treat

Typically when one thinks of weddings, A Night Time Affair with dinner and dancing comes to mind. Most of the weddings we go to start around three and end up going on well into the night. But what if dancing the night ...

Destination Wedding
15 Feb 2013

Destination Weddings Defined

I read an online wedding board recently where someone had posted a rather relevant question: do guests travelling to a destination wedding also give gifts? Which just about sums up the main issue when it comes to ...

14 Feb 2013

Candice’s Bridal Diary: A Case Of Wedding Apathy

For the past two weeks or so, I haven’t been able to bring myself to do anything vaguely wedding related.  Invitations need to be designed and sent out, dress fitting appointments need to be made…but to be honest, ...

Trash The Dress
14 Feb 2013

Trash That Dress!

A trend that has crept into the wedding scene over the last couple of years is something affectionately known as the “Trash the Dress” shoot. Now I can almost hear the collective gasping happening at the thought of ...

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