Archive: December 2012

21 Dec 2012

What’s On The Horizon For 2013 For Weddings?

What are the forecast trends for weddings? There are many of them. Some of them we could well do without (when will those moustaches make an exit!?), whilst a few look very interesting. Here is what others are ...

20 Dec 2012

Wedding Hairdos – The Lowdown On Styles And What They Say About You

Hair and how to wear it. This is possibly the most taxing part of one's wedding 'outfit'. How many times have you not gone to a wedding and ended up muttering something like 'what has she done to her hair?' sotto ...

19 Dec 2012

A Woman Propose? No Way, Says Study.

It might not be leap year but the tradition for women to propose to men is perfectly acceptable. Or at least it should be. But what if I told you that no one wants a woman to propose. A recent survey at the ...

18 Dec 2012

The Pitt Jolie Wedding – We Reflect On Marriage

Seven years and six children later Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally announced that they are going to marry. Celebrity brides consistently set the benchmark for other weddings world-wide, but what can we take ...

14 Dec 2012

How Soon Is Too Soon To Have A Baby After Getting Married?

Friends of mine, who recently got married, were pregnant within six months of their wedding date. Whilst some might raise their eyebrow and wonder at the lack of together time, there was a reason. She was already 40 and ...

Just Jack Weddings
13 Dec 2012

Just Jack Weddings for your Wedding in Cape Town

Just Jack is a personal Wedding Planning company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Planning your wedding or event with Just Jack Wedding Coordination and Event Planners is delightfully simple and stress-free. The first ...

13 Dec 2012

The Concept Of Reception Food Trucks

Food trucks for receptions are big, and set to become bigger. Food trucks in America are business as usual. They're pretty commonplace on the streets of LA, NY, Seattle, San Francisco (you'll have seen them in ...

12 Dec 2012

Elopement – A Trend That Won’t Break The Bank Balance

2012 was a year inspired by DIY. Such was the skill and focus of wedding couples on incredibly challenging and sophisticated projects that, faced with keeping up with cupcakes, accessories, mason jars, and flower ...

11 Dec 2012

10 de-stress foods for relaxed brides

Particularly in the build-up to your wedding making sure that you eat well, that your hair, skin and health remain in optimum condition, and that you stress less is all possible by managing the food that you ...

PLAY music
10 Dec 2012

PLAY Music for your Wedding Music in Cape Town

PLAY is a Cape Town based network of young, professional musicians providing exciting live music for weddings, events and celebrations. Our boutique-style company offers classical music, wedding music and jazz. PLAY’s ...

10 Dec 2012

Fine, short hair – 6 tips & 2 styles you cannot do without

Fine hair can look limp and flat. But here are a number of styles and tips to help you move away from hair problems to hair that will hold a style and look stunning. TIP ONE – use the right products. Fine hair ...

7 Dec 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Marriage Preparation

Next month my fiancé and I are going to be starting a marriage preparation course (or premarital counseling as some call it) – and I wanted to tell you a little about it, and why we’ll be doing it. Although most ...

7 Dec 2012

Living Alone – What Does This Say About Marriage?

The number of people living alone globally has skyrocketed, rising from around 153 million in 1996 to 277 million in 2011. That's an 80% increase in just 15 years (according to market research firm Euromonitor ...

6 Dec 2012

Something Blue …

Are you or aren't you the kind of bride to follow the tradition, or is that superstition, of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? Ever thought about the meaning of the mantra most of us ...

5 Dec 2012

The Ins And Outs Of Being A Wedding Guest

Dear Wedding Guest, this is for you. Here is, for want of a better or more modern word, the etiquette you should follow when coming to my wedding. I realise that you may have received numerous wedding invitations in ...

4 Dec 2012

Lucky Dates For Marrying – Does It Really Make A Difference?

A couple in Penang, Malaysia have been advised by their Hindu priest to marry on 12-12-12. Why? It's an auspicious date for their religion. Since there isn't going to be a 13-13-13, there could be a bit of a wedding ...

Save the date
3 Dec 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Save The Date

With just under 5 months to go until our wedding, we’re starting to think of ‘save the dates’ or STDs as I’ve discovered they’re unflatteringly abbreviated to. According to “the suggested wedding ...

Cellphone at wedding
3 Dec 2012

Why You Should Insist Your Wedding Is Unplugged

In fairness, some of us like to feel as if we're stepping on to the red carpet at Cannes faced with the paparazzi on our wedding day. A sea of cellphones, tablets, SLRs and smartphones snapping away at us as we head ...