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17 Aug 2012

Wedding Reception Ideas

We're all looking for something 'different' for our weddings. But what really makes a wedding special is the little things – the intimate wedding favours that you've made yourself, the original idea for your seating ...

15 Aug 2012

Tie The Knot at Quiet Corner Function Venue in Linbro Park, Johannesburg

A peaceful, beautiful setting out in the countryside ... and yet it is just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the City of Johannesberg, Sandton City, OR Tambo and Midrand. Quiet Corner Function Venue is ...

14 Aug 2012

7 Wedding Myths We Promise You Can Disregard

Wedding lore is brimming over with myths and traditions. So entrenched are some of these that even the most contemporary bride finds herself thinking that she should abide thereby. Here are the top ones we promise ...

14 Aug 2012

14 Romantic Ideas To Pretty Up Your Wedding

Want to create a really romantic atmosphere for your wedding? It is easy to get lost in the nitty gritty details of the food and décor, but here are a few ideas to keep you trained on the 'romantic' appeal: Wear a ...

13 Aug 2012

8 Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement

You and your partner have decided to take the plunge and go the matrimonial route. It feels right, the question has been popped, or you've got there by mutual consent. And now it's time to tell everyone that you've done ...

13 Aug 2012

New Wedding Trend: Understated (a la Natalie Portman)

Newspapers are full of Natalie Portman's wedding to Benjamin Millepied – ballet dancer / choreographer,  partner of three years and father of their son Aleph. They tied the knot recently in what wedding prophets are ...

10 Aug 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: A Few Things You May Forget Whilst Planning Your Wedding

As the wedding date draws ever nearer, we have found ourselves slacking in the preparation stakes somewhat. And that really is ok. Trying to prepare, plan and orchestrate consistently for six months may kill you.  So ...

10 Aug 2012

Watch Your Tongue – Things You Should Never Say To A Bride

The countdown to a wedding is reasonably stressful – weddings fall in the top 5 most stressful life events - and regardless of how laidback the bride is usually, during the wedding planning she is unlikely to be ...

8 Aug 2012

More Great Wedding Hairstyle Ideas – The Influence of Spring

Whilst winter weddings will have been influenced by smoother, sleeker hair - much of it worn in classic chignons, elegant upswings with bangs, and loose locks - spring brings with it a lightness that is translated into ...

8 Aug 2012

How Choosing A Colour Palette Can Effect Your Wedding Mood

Ever thought of combining pumpkin orange with fuscia? I didn't either, until I saw the two together recently. Moss green and navy, or pink, soft blue and gentle yellow? White and silver? Whilst few of them sound that ...

7 Aug 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Impossibly Intimate – The Challenges of a Small Wedding

Before the lovely man and I got engaged, we knew one thing for sure – we were going to have a small wedding. For me, small means 30 people – which is exactly how many we are having at our intimate lunch time ...

7 Aug 2012

Tie The Knot at Waterfall Cove River Edge Venue in Muldersdrift

Waterfall Cove is the all-in-one, one-function-only wedding venue nestled in the Riparian Forest along the banks of the Mid-Crocodile River. Wedding Package • Full planning and co-ordination - two hourly workshops ...

6 Aug 2012

10 Initial Must-Dos For Any Bride-To-Be

You have just got engaged and have barely recovered from the barrage of mixed feelings about the very idea of being someone's wife. But before the overwhelming list of THINGS TO DO begins to formulate, here are 10 ...

6 Aug 2012

Great Ideas For Bridesmaids Dresses (by shape)

It's only fair that each of your bridesmaids feels fantastic as she follows you down the aisle. Most of the time bridesmaids' dresses follow one particular style, regardless of the woman wearing them, which of course ...

3 Aug 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Why Planning a Honeymoon is Way More Fun Than Planning Your Wedding

Now some wedding guides will list who should pay for what, precisely what you should’ve planned each month before the wedding and whose responsibility it is to organise the honeymoon, rehearsal dinner and anything up ...

2 Aug 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: A Wedding or a Marriage?

Four weeks ago, I was freshly engaged and basking in the glow of my very sparkly ring and equally gorgeous fiance. We quickly set a date – 27 April 2013 – and I started scouting for a venue, church and ...

1 Aug 2012

Tie The Knot at Villa Castollini in Knysna

Villa Castollini is Knysna’s most stunning location for your wedding.  At the Villa you will celebrate your love in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.  For that unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception, the ...

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