10 Warning Signs That You Could Sabotage Your Own Wedding

posted on 21 August 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Nobody sets out to deliberately sabotage their own wedding. Why would you want to?

But some brides just don’t see it coming; they’re not aware enough of their own behaviour and its effect on those around them.

Here follow 10 indications that you may upset the apple cart:

  • You constantly compare your wedding with those of others – choose instead to measure your success by how your wedding reflects your relationship and recognises the value of friendships and family. It’s about how you all feel at your ceremony, rather than the way it looks…
  • Every time someone close to you suggests something, you are thrown and feel compelled to include it – let them express their opinions but remember that advice does not necessarily have anything to do with you or your wedding.
  • You don’t stick to the budget – you want everything to be perfect and before you know it, you’re in over your head. Learn to discriminate. Some things you will have to say ‘no’ to.
  • Your uncle is taking the photographs. Is he a professional wedding photographer? Because you could spend much of your wedding stressing about the right shots, and afterwards they may not be quite what you expected.
  • This is THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE – a little perspective might be a good thing around now. This is not actually the best day of your life. One of them, certainly, but don’t rob today of its beauty whilst pursuing perfection tomorrow.
  • It has to be perfect! Perfection and quality are not the same thing. Learn the difference.
  • You constantly feel as though you’ve missed something – learn to trust yourself. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Whilst you’ve planned the reception and all the décor to perfection, you haven’t thought about the ceremony much. The vows are probably the most important aspect to the day.
  • You leave your hair styling and make-up for the day without a trial run – when you’re nervous knowing exactly what you’re doing is essential.
  • You are so on edge by the time the day arrives that you can’t enjoy anything – plan relaxation for the week leading up to the wedding and spend time with people who love you.

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