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DIY Winter Wedding Favours

Winter weddings mean that everything gets to be a little more indulgent. The food and drink is richer. The décor is fuller. The venue is cosier. There’s just something about winter that inspires luxury and comfort and it is so easy to carry these ideals throughout the entire day. The wedding favours are no exception. Try to think of favours rich in scent and purpose and you won’t go wrong.

Here are some ideas:

Coffee in a jar:

Coffee is a firm favourite during the cold winter months. Get tiny sample jars (usually used for jams) and put in enough freshly ground coffee for one cup. Choose something that will smell amazing when you open it. Finish the jar off with raffia to match your colours.

Tea for two:

If you prefer tea to coffee then consider having a tea favour. Small little bags can be bought at just about any party shop and come in a variety of colours. Fill the bags with flavoured tea leaves (vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and peppermint smell lovely) and then tie them off with a small tag noting what kind of tea it is.

Hot Chocolate:

A small mason jar with a layer or hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies makes for a beautiful wedding favour. The layers create a beauty on their own but you can always add ribbons and tags or even a label to finish it off.

Homemade Cookies:

Homemade cookies are a great wedding favour. Make one large one per person or stack a couple of little ones on top of each other. Wrap them up in cellophane and tie off with ribbon.

Tree Saplings Wrapped in Hessian:

For a favour that will be treasured forever why not consider giving all your guests an evergreen tree sapling? Wrap the roots and some soil in a square of hessian (use a bit of plastic to keep from messing) and tie it together with a ribbon around the stem.

Bath Salts:

Bath salts are really easy to make and you can put them in jars or little bags. You can also colour them to match your theme and use a variety of different scents to suit your taste.

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